He Never Fails

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FAITH,BELIEF, TRUST Important words in life, marriage, job…

But, they fail you! Have Absolute Faith in God. He Never Fails.

Stand Up and Fight

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Krsna never teaches you to give up and become mediocre. He tells you to fight a righteous war. Do stand up and Fight.

Ahm to Brahman

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Ahm to Brahman.

Remove Ahm(Ego),Ask Rahm(Mercy), Overcome Brahm(Delusion), Go beyond Brahma(Maya), Reach Brahman


Conquer Evil

Evil eye, bad wishes-curses, black magic and black tongue works at lowest point in life. Take the name of Krsna and conquer evil.

His Word is Final

Don’t judge yourself or your position in spiritual. Only the Spiritual Master or Guru knows that! His word is final.

Not With Guru

Imitation is the best form of flattery, good arguments wins cases, opposition is good for democracy!

But not with your GURU!